Like many others I was fed up with the typical 9-5 type jobs that always left me wanting more in life.  I would get off work, go home, and work another block of hours on cars or motorcycles to feed the creative beast.  After a bike that I had built for fun started to gain some popularity I had the dream that it would be cool to do this as a profession but still needed that extra kick to make it happen.  Soon after the job I worked at closed its doors and that was the final push I needed to turn my passion into a career.  I sold everything I could and started investing in bikes, more tools, and reorganizing my garage to function as a shop!  Working from my garage, Brick House Builds was born!  Now 2 years into it I wouldn't have it any other way.




Whether it be cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles I always strive to create something special that you won't see anywhere else.  My eye for detail extends from overall form down to the smallest fastener that will never be seen so you can be certain that anything that comes out of the Brick House will be a well thought out and engineered machine in every aspect.  Function will always match form so you can rest assured that each bike that comes out of the Brick House is fully intended to be ridden and enjoyed.